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Busha Commerce FAQs
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  • What is Busha Commerce?

    Busha Commerce is a payment gateway that allows small, medium, and large-scale businesses to receive international payment, through the use of cryptocurrency.

  • How do I sign up for an account?

    You can sign up to create a Busha Commerce account Here.

  • How does Busha Commerce work?

    With Busha Commerce, businesses can create and share payment links (checkout, donation, invoice), process crypto payments, earn revenue, and grow their businesses.

    Additionally, Busha Commerce offers APIs, SDKs, and plugins for businesses to accept payments on their websites or apps. Instantly start receiving crypto payments with just a few clicks.

  • Can I register more than one business on Busha Commerce?

    You can register up to six businesses (at most) using a Busha Commerce (merchant) account.

  • Can I use Busha Commerce (merchant) account to access other existing Busha products?

    Yes, all Busha products and services can be accessed and enjoyed with your existing Busha Commerce (merchant) account.

  • What type of business is accepted on Busha Commerce?

    Busha Commerce accepts all types of businesses, from small and medium businesses (SMEs) to large international companies. These include registered companies, businesses, or unregistered (starter) businesses.

  • Can I use Busha Commerce as a freelancer?

    Yes, you can. Individuals, creators, and freelancers are accommodated in the Starter business category.

  • Where is Busha Commerce available?

    Busha Commerce is available in all countries.

  • How do I use Busha Commerce?

    From the merchant dashboard, you can bill invoices, accept donations, and create custom checkout payment links, Or, via APIs, SDKs, widgets, and plugins, Busha Commerce lets you accept crypto payments anywhere in the world.

  • What are payment links?

    Using Payment Links, you can sell products or services or receive donations by sharing reusable links to checkouts, donation pages, or invoices.

  • What type of payment links are on Busha Commerce?

    Using Busha Commerce you can create Checkout, Donation, or Invoice payment links.

  • What are checkout payment links?

    Using checkout payment links, you can receive multiple payments for a product or service at a fixed price.

  • What are donation payment links?

    Payment links for donations allow you to receive multiple donation payments for a campaign or cause without a fixed price attached so donors can pay what they prefer.

  • What are invoice payment links?

    The invoice payment links allow you to receive one-time payments at a fixed price. Invoicing allows for more personalization as you can set due/expiry dates.

  • What is the difference between the checkout, donation, and invoice payment links?

    With checkouts and invoices, you fix the amount or price to pay, while donations do not have a fixed price. Checkouts and donations can receive multiple payments while invoices can receive only a one-time payment.

  • Can I collect custom information from my customers through a Payment Link?

    Yes, if you wish to obtain additional information about your customers, you can request their names or email addresses when creating the payment links.

  • Can I customize the URL of a payment link?

    Busha Commerce doesn't support the ability to customize the payment link URL, but you can use a third-party URL shortener to redirect to the payment link instead.

  • I do not have a website or app. Can I still use payment links to accept payments from customers?

    Yes, you can. Using payment links doesn't require a website or app. There are three (3) easy steps to creating and sending payment links:

    1. Go to Busha Commerce Dashboard sign up/login, complete the compliance requirements, and click the “Accept payment” button to create a (checkout, donation, or invoice) payment link

    2. Copy the link, and send it to the customer via SMS and/or email

    3. The customer opens the link and completes the payment.

  • Can I create a payment Link in which customers can pay an amount of their choice?

    You can set a fixed amount or price on your payment links by creating a checkout or invoice. However, if you want to allow customers to enter an amount of their choice, you will need to create a donation payment link.

  • What cryptocurrencies can I receive payments with?

    We currently process payments through stablecoins USDC and USDT. With plans to roll out more assets.

  • What are stablecoins?

    Stablecoins are backed by external assets such as US dollars, gold, or commodities that are traded on exchanges. Different from computer-mined cryptos like Bitcoin, ETH, and DogeCoin.

  • Do my customers or clients need to open a Busha Commerce account to send me payments?

    No, they don’t! As long as you have a business account on the Busha Commerce platform, you only need to share the payment link with your customers or clients for them to access the Busha Commerce payment gateway.

    However, they will need to have funds in an existing crypto wallet (Busha exchange platform or a third party) to make payments to you.

  • What is Pay with Busha?

    As a merchant, Pay with Busha is a payment option that enables you to accept crypto payments directly from Busha’s half a million verified users.

    As a customer, client, or donor, Pay with Busha is fast, secure, and seamless to pay on a payment link.

  • How much does Busha Commerce charge for transactions?

    There are no fees or hidden charges for all transactions processed on Busha Commerce.

  • Do I need to verify my account before I can accept payments?

    The signup process requires that you provide the basic information and business documents required to create your business account.

    In addition, registered businesses are required to verify their accounts before they can create payment links (or integrate with our APIs/SDKs). However, starter businesses may begin accepting (limited) payments immediately after creating their accounts.

  • What are the KYC/KYB verification requirements?

    On Busha Commerce, you would be able to enter three categories of businesses. These include Registered Company, Registered Business, and Starter Business with different business verification requirements which you can learn more here.

  • Why is my KYC/KYB verification unsuccessful?

    A number of factors can lead to KYC/KYB verification being unsuccessful. The most common issues are:

    • An issue with your BVN

    • Upload of blurry documents

    • Wrong file size

    • Wrong document selection

  • Do I need to be KYC verified to withdraw?

    Yes, you need to have completed your KYC/KYB verification to initiate withdrawals.

  • What is "Withdraw to Busha"?

    With Busha Commerce, you can withdraw your (crypto) earnings to our web-and-mobile-based crypto exchange platform service, by clicking the “withdrawing to Busha” option when initiating a payout, where you can do a lot more with your earnings.

  • How fast are Busha Commerce payouts or withdrawals?

    Instant! Withdrawals to Busha are fast and seamless while withdrawals to other wallets can take a few minutes.

  • What currencies can I withdraw or payout in?

    Currently, Busha Commerce currently only supports withdrawals in stablecoins.

    Direct fiat withdrawals or payouts in Naira, KHS, USD, and more are coming soon!

    However, If you wish to withdraw or payout your funds locally to Naira, you need to first withdraw them to the Busha exchange platform (using the “Withdraw to Busha” option), and then use, Connect to complete this process.

  • How can I manage my assets?

    You can manage assets you want to receive payments through from the settings page. Also, if your business is out of stock for products, you can disable all your cryptocurrencies from the settings page. We recommend having one of these assets toggled on, so your customers or clients have an option through which they can pay you.

  • Can I get paid in Naira, on Busha Commerce?

    You cannot withdraw your NGN funds directly from Busha Commerce. If you wish to withdraw your funds locally to Naira, you need to first withdraw them to the Busha exchange platform, and then use one of our innovative services, Connect to complete this process.

  • Can I generate transaction reports?

    Yes, you can generate transaction reports over a one, three, and six months, timeframe.

  • What is your exchange rate?

    Our exchange rate is constantly updated to reflect the market price. We operate with the best rates and ensure it is fair.

  • Do my clients need to own crypto before they can pay me on Busha Commerce?

    Yes. Your clients need to have a crypto wallet.

  • Which countries does Busha Commerce support withdrawals/payouts to?

    You can withdraw or payout in stablecoins in all countries Busha Commerce operates.

    We do not currently support withdrawals or payouts in Naira, KHS, and more coming soon!

  • What are the app modes (test/live mode)?

    Using Busha Commerce, you are able to toggle between live and test (app) modes.

    This allows you to test transactions and create test payment links before going live and sharing them with customers. Simply switch to live mode when you are ready to accept payments.

  • Can I Auto-trade?

    Yes, you can auto-convert volatile cryptocurrencies to stablecoins, in the Auto-trade settings page.

  • Can multiple users log into the same account with role permissions?

    Currently, Busha Commerce supports only one user per account.

  • Can I close my business?

    In the event that you no longer wish to accept payments through Busha Commerce, you can close your business from the settings page. Sorry to see you go, can you share feedback with us, here!

  • How can I contact your customer service?

    You can contact the Busha Commerce customer service team via email: at [email protected] and via the web app live chat.

    For updates, partnership announcements, and feature releases, follow us on IG, Twitter, or Facebook, @getbusha.

  • Where is our API documentation located?

    You can find our API documentation here.

  • Does Busha Commerce have a developer SDK?

    Yes, we do. See developer docs to browse through all the ways you can integrate Commerce.

  • What Blockchain does Busha Commerce operate on?

    Currently, Busha Commerce processes both USDT and USDC on the TRON Blockchain.

  • Is Busha Commerce a crypto exchange platform?

    No, it is not. Busha Commerce does not offer buying, selling, or trading crypto, as a service. However, we do offer a web-and-mobile-based crypto exchange platform service, for that purpose.

  • Can I buy crypto on Busha Commerce with my credit or debit card?

    No, you cannot. Busha Commerce processes crypto payments. However, we do offer a web-and-mobile-based crypto exchange platform service, where you can buy crypto.

  • Does Busha Commerce use a native wallet?

    Our platform has a native wallet where you can automatically receive your earnings in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

  • Can I connect my Busha Commerce account to any wallet?

    Busha Commerce operates a native wallet for transactions. However, you have the option to add withdrawal or payout addresses of your choice to wallets supported on the Busha Commerce platform.

  • What is the daily withdrawal or payout limit for crypto?

    Verified business (Registered Company) can withdraw up to ₦10,000,000 daily.

    Verified business (Registered Business) can withdraw up to ₦5,000,000 daily.

    Verified business (Starter Business) can withdraw up to ₦750,000 daily.

  • What is the monthly withdrawal or payout limit for crypto?

    Verified business (Registered Company) can withdraw up to ₦300,000,000 monthly.

    Verified business (Registered Business) can withdraw up to ₦150,000,000 monthly.

    Verified business (Starter Business) can withdraw up to ₦15,000,000 monthly.

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