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USDT/USDC Wallet Update - FAQs
USDT/USDC Wallet Update - FAQs
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1. Why am I unable to Buy or Sell USDT and USDC?
The USDT-NGN and USDC-NGN pairs are temporarily unavailable on the app

However, you have the option to swap your USDT and USDC assets with other available pairs like BTC, ETH, etc.

2. How can I swap my USDT for other assets?

​Kindly follow this guide to swap your USDT:

  • Go to Portfolio

  • Select Tether (USDT)

  • Click on the sell Icon.

  • Select the coin you want to swap to and enter the value.

  • Confirm the value.

  • The value will be added to the coin wallet you choose to swap to.

3. When will I be able to Buy and Sell USDT and USDC?
Further updates on this will be duly communicated across all our official platforms.

4. Is it safe to still leave my USDT and USDC on Busha If I do not want to swap them?
Yes, your assets are secure, and it is safe to leave them in your wallet if you choose to do so.

​5. Why am I unable to see the current Naira rates of USDT and USDT?
The NGN - USDT rates are not displayed because they are not available for trading at the moment.

6. Why am I unable to swap less than 12 USDT?

Please try again. The minimum limit has been reviewed, you can now swap from as low as 1 USDT.

​7. Can I still deposit and send out USDT in my wallet?
Yes, you can deposit and send out your USDT ​​as you normally would.

8. Can I still trade my other assets on Busha?

Yes, you can still transact all other assets. Feel free to carry out your usual trading activities

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