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How to make payments (Pay with Busha)
How to make payments (Pay with Busha)
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How to make payments via the web.

This is how to pay a merchant with your Busha wallet if you were sent a checkout, invoice, or donation payment link.

  • After a merchant sends you a checkout or donation payment link via Whatsapp, Instagram, or any other platform or an invoice via email, etc, click on the link or copy to paste the link into a browser. You should see a preview of the payment details page.

In this case, we will make payments on a Payment Link; This is only for illustrative purposes.

  • Enter your name, email address and click on “Make payment”

This is only for illustrative purposes.

  • A modal appears, showing the merchant’s business name; the amount you are to pay; different payment methods available to you. In this scenario, we will be “Paying with Busha”, which is recommended for you, if you have an existing Busha Account on the crypto-trading app. Select “Pay with Busha” to proceed.

  • (If you are on the desktop web) a modal appears where you will be able to either scan the QR code (to pay with the mobile app) or click on “Pay now” to pay on the web. Click on “Pay now” to continue;

  • (If you are on mobile web), you can pay with the mobile app by clicking on “Open the Busha app” or login on the mobile web - see below for the complete article on how to pay on the mobile web.

  • (If you opt to pay on the web) you will be prompted to log in. Once you are logged in to your Busha account a modal will appear where with a preselected asset (if you have currency ordered) as well as the option to select the preferred cryptocurrency you would like to pay with; Please note that you can only pay the business/merchant in a currency/asset they accept payment in and we automatically show these assets accordingly with the balance on each wallet.

    After you have selected the preferred cryptocurrency you would like to pay in, you can preview the payment summary, and click on “Make Payment” to proceed;

This is only for illustrative purposes

  • (If you do not have a Pay PIN setup) You will be directed to a screen to enter the code sent to your email and the code generated from your 2-factor authenticator app, then click “Confirm payment” to proceed.

  • (If you have a Pay PIN set up), you will be redirected to this screen where you will enter your PIN (This eliminates the need to generate an email authentication code and a 2FA code from a third-party authentication app) Click here to set up your Busha Pay PIN. Click on “Confirm payment” once you have entered your PIN;

  • You will get a payment successful toast, which you can download and share as a receipt to send to the merchant as proof of payment.

  • You will also receive an email notification that your payment was successful; if you provided your email at the initial step of processing the payment;

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