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Important Update on New Deposit Wallet Addresses
Important Update on New Deposit Wallet Addresses

Wallet Address Change

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At Busha, we are committed to continually improving our services and ensuring a seamless user experience for our valued customers. As part of this ongoing effort, we are excited to announce an important update regarding our deposit wallet addresses. We believe this update will enhance the efficiency and convenience of your cryptocurrency transactions on our platform.

Introducing New Deposit Wallet Addresses

In line with our commitment to providing a streamlined experience, we are migrating all customers to new deposit wallet addresses. This update brings several key benefits that will simplify the deposit process and ensure smoother asset management.

1. Unified Address Display: Going forward, you will notice a new address displayed in-app for each asset with deposit support enabled. This means that all assets belonging to the same network will share a common wallet address. For instance, TRC20 assets like TRX, USDT, and USDC will utilize a single address.

2. Unified BSC and ETH Address Support: All ERC20 and BEP20 assets will share the same address. This unified approach eliminates the need for manual recovery in cases where supported assets are accidentally sent on the wrong chain. The system will now automatically credit the funds to your wallet, saving you time and money.

3. Simplified Address Management: With the new system in place, you will no longer need to generate multiple deposit addresses. Each customer will be assigned a unique address per asset (network), providing a more streamlined and organized approach.

What Should You Do?

To ensure a seamless transition and continued access to our services, we kindly request that you take the following steps:

1. Log in to Your App: Upon logging in to your Busha app, you will be able to view the new wallet address that has been automatically generated for you. This address will be specific to each asset.

2. Verify the Address Displayed: Before initiating any new deposits, it is crucial to double-check the address displayed for each asset. This step ensures that your funds are securely deposited to the correct wallet.

Continued Support for Pre-existing Wallet Addresses

It is important to note that all pre-existing wallet addresses will remain functional. Any subsequent deposits made to these addresses will still be credited to your wallet. This approach allows for a smooth transition while ensuring the safety and accessibility of your assets. However, this continued support will only be available for a limited time period, ensuring ample time for all our users to fully transition to the new addresses.

Stay Informed and Engage

At Busha, we are dedicated to keeping you informed and providing top-notch support throughout this process. Should you have any questions or concerns, our customer service team is readily available to assist you. We encourage you to stay connected with us as we continue to improve our platform and enhance your cryptocurrency trading experience.

We appreciate your trust and partnership as we work together to deliver a cutting-edge and user-friendly environment for all your cryptocurrency needs.

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