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How to close your business
How to close your business
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  • From the display screen, click on "Settings" on the navigation bar.

  • A menu appears, Scroll to “Close business”.

  • Click on “close business”

  • A modal will appear to prompt you that you are about to permanently close your business, click on “yes, continue” to proceed.

  • A modal will appear where you will fill in the reason for closing your business. Type the reason(s) and click on “Continue”

  • Tick the box to affirm that you have removed all your funds from the business then enter the 6- digit code from your third-party authenticator app then click on “Close business” to continue. Please note that it is important to have withdrawn all your funds from your business account before you proceed to close it.

  • A toast message will notify you that your business has been closed successfully.

  • An email will also be sent to your account or support email to notify you of the business closure. Please note that your business is recoverable within a 2-week window only and you will need to contact support to do this.

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