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How to complete compliance requirements
How to complete compliance requirements
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  • Upon creating your business, you will receive an email notifying you of the next steps to complete compliance requirements. Click “Complete your verification” to proceed.

  • Also, from the dashboard, there are multiple entry points to complete your business-KYC requirements. You can click the “Upload document” button on the snack bar that has the compliance required memo; Or, you can click on "Settings" on the navigation bar.

  • Or, you can also click the “complete your verification” button sent to your account or support email that notifies you of the compliance requirements for your business.

  • On the navigation bar, click on “Settings”;

  • Click on “Compliance” Here you will upload the documents required depending on the business type you sign up for (Starter Business, Registered Business, or Registered Company). For a starter business, a government-issued ID and Proof of address are required.

  • Once you click on the “Upload” button a modal appears.

  • Fill in the required fields and click on “Confirm”

  • A toast message is sent that your first document has been uploaded successfully.

  • Next, click on the second upload button to upload your bank statement as proof of address, a modal pops up where you upload a supported format of your bank statement (Pdf, Png, Jpeg)

  • Once you have uploaded the document, click on “confirm”

  • A toast message is sent that your document has been uploaded successfully.

  • After this please give 24 - 72 Hours for our verifications team to look through, confirm your documents, and verify your account. The status of your submitted document verification on the compliance tab will change from “pending” to “accepted” once your business is verified (all your documents have been duly reviewed and accepted).

  • Also, when your documents have been accepted and your business verified you will receive a confirmation email.

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