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How to make withdrawals to your Busha wallet(s)
How to make withdrawals to your Busha wallet(s)
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  • From the dashboard, select withdrawals and click on the make the “Start a withdrawal” button.

  • Select “Withdraw to Busha wallet”.

  • Indicate the amount you want to withdraw, select the corresponding network and click “Continue”

  • Look through the withdrawal summary and confirm that you have imputed the correct details - This shows you the asset and the amount you want to withdraw and the conversion rate. Click on “Continue”.

  • Enter the authentication code sent to your email as well as the authentication code from your third-party authenticator app. Then click “Confirm”

  • Once the withdrawal is processed successfully, a pop-up message will show “successful” with the total amount of the asset withdrawn.

  • After this, a confirmation email will be sent to your account or support email showing all the details of your withdrawal.

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