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How to create a donation payment link
How to create a donation payment link
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  • From the dashboard, click the “Accept payments” button to create a donation payment link.

  • A modal pops up with multiple means of receiving crypto payments. Click the “Receive a donation” to receive cryptocurrency donations from donors.

  • A modal pops up requesting you to provide the donation’s name and brief description. Please note that you cannot specify an amount on a donation and donation payment links can receive any amount from donors. Click “Next” to proceed.

  • Another modal pops up requesting (if) you wish to collect the donor’s full name, email, or no information. In this case, we will be collecting both the full name and email address. Please note that we recommend you collect at least the donor’s email, so a payment confirmation can be sent to them. Click “Done” to proceed.

  • A toast message will confirm the creation of the donation. You can also add an image to your donation payment link which allows your donors to have a visual representation of the campaign or the cause they are supporting. Click “Upload Image” to add a donation image and “Upload” to proceed or “Skip for now” to add a donation image at a later time.

  • If you decide to upload a donation image, a success toast message should confirm the image has been uploaded.

  • To share your donation payment link with potential donors, hover your mouse or click on the copy icon beside the link URL. A toast message should confirm the link has been copied to your clipboard; you can now share this link with the customer.

  • You can also preview the donation payment link by opening a new tab and paste the copied link into it, where you can see what your donors will interact with when you have shared the link with them. Please note you can receive multiple payments and amounts on a donation payment link.

  • You can also see more details of the donation by clicking “view”; where you can see all payments received, edit the donation name or image, and description, and delete or disable payments on your donation.

    Donations are listed on the checkout list page.

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