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  • What is Busha Spend and how does it work?

Busha spend has a new feature where you can create vouchers and gift cards directly from your crypto wallet. You can buy your preferred voucher using your Naira wallet and cryptocurrency assets.

  • Can I use the voucher in physical stores?

To know the voucher that can be used in a physical store you will find this information when you click on create voucher, as this depends on the merchants' stores. Some are online, others are offline, you will see the description option, how to redeem the voucher and the location.

  • Can I use the voucher in online stores?

please click on the created vouchers and then select any of the active vouchers, you will see the selected voucher balance. Then copy the voucher code to shop online.

  • Where can my voucher be used?

The stores the voucher can be used will be listed in the select a store screen e.g, we have stores like spar, Jumia, sweet kiwi, Adam n eve & Filmhouse cinemas.

  • Can I re-use my voucher?

Yes, vouchers can be re-activated for certain stores.

  • Will my voucher expire?

Your voucher will expire after one year and can only be reactivated when you have a pending balance on the voucher.

  • What if I have issues redeeming my voucher?

Please contact support via email: [email protected]

  • What else can I do with my voucher?

You can use it to pay utility bills like power or buy prescriptions from any pharmacy in the listed stores, you can also reuse your voucher when paying for utilities.

  • Can I check my voucher balance?

To check the voucher balance, select view voucher details then click on any of the created brand vouchers in the active option.

  • How to Create vouchers.

On the portfolio screen on the app, click on create a voucher and select the preferred brand, before indicating the amount in NGN or preferred crypto asset, then follow the prompt.

  • Is there a fee for generating vouchers?

No there’s no fee to generate vouchers.

  • What happens to an expired voucher that still has funds in it?

Once a user is ready to use the voucher, it can be reactivated.

  • What is the minimum purchase value?

The minimum amount is NGN500.

  • How can I view voucher validity?

You can view valid vouchers once you click on view voucher details, all valid vouchers can be viewed here and the expiry date will be indicated when you select the active option.

  • What are the spending limits?

The spending limit is 100K per day.

  • Can I split my Voucher?

Yes, you can split your voucher but it depends on the store, for some stores you would have to use the value on your voucher once while for others you can use it multiple times.

  • What are your hours of operation?
    We operate 24/7.

  • Is there a cashback offer for this service?

    Yes, you earn 3% cashback on all transactions, instantly credited to your Naira wallet.

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