Firstly, we check to see if the customer has any named Next-of-Kin on the app, where unavailable next-of-Kin refers to a person’s closest living blood relative.

The next of kin is significant in ensuring that assets don’t stay unclaimed upon demise and would be the person best placed to provide the relevant information for the recovery of assets; these documents are as follows:

  1. Official Death Certificate

  2. Letter of Administration/Probate

  3. Proof of transfer documentation, e.g. a Will (if any).

For recovery of assets, there are two separate instances; if the deceased left behind a will, the unclaimed funds in the bank account are shared based on what the will dictates. When a person dies without a will, the question of inheritance is based on the provision of the law (Customary law, Islamic law, English law or the Administration of Estates law).

This process requires legal support as an application has to be brought before the court to assess any asset belonging to a deceased person. The inheritance issue is taken to court so that the customary law, Islamic law, English law or the Administration of Estates law can decide.

What can Busha do for you in the meantime? Busha can provide information about the account and confirm that the deceased has assets in a Busha Wallet; we will also restrict all outflows to the account. Therefore, once the previously identified documents are produced, the assets can be claimed by the relevant beneficiaries and included in the deceased customer's estate.

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