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How to create an Invoice
How to create an Invoice
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  • To create an invoice select the invoice option, then click on the create invoice button.

  • From the business details screen, input your business name, the customer email and the customer name then click next.

  • The next screen shows where you need to input the amount requested, the currency, the due or expiry date, and the description (optional) of the product or services the customer wants to pay for. Then click on the create invoice button.

  • Once the invoice has been created (the invoice is automatically sent to the customer email provided). However, you can click on the copy icon to share the invoice with the customers.

  • To view the invoice details, select the invoice you just created, click on it to preview the details.

  • To void your invoice & if you’re no longer interested in receiving payment on the invoice you can void the invoice by clicking on the void invoice button (Please note that you cannot copy or receive payments on a voided invoice link).

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