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FAQs for Busha Card
FAQs for Busha Card
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  • Why is my card not working?

    • We have deactivated all existing Busha cards till further notice. Furthermore, you'll be unable to create a new card.

  • I had some money left on my card balance. Where will I get a refund?

    • Any balance left on your card has been refunded to your USDC spot wallet. Please reach out to our support team via the app if you're yet to get this refund.

  • Why were the cards deactivated?

    • The cards were deactivated due to issues arising with our card partner.

  • When will the Busha virtual card be back?

    • We do not currently have an exact date for this but we're working tirelessly to ensure all the issues are resolved and cards are back online soon.

      Kindly read the communique below for more information:

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