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LUNA Airdrop FAQs
LUNA Airdrop FAQs
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  • Will Busha support the Terra foundation airdrop plan for LUNA 2.0?

    • Yes, Busha will support the airdrop plan.

  • Why isn't the new LUNA enabled for trading on Busha yet on Busha?

    • LUNA 2.0 is a new and potentially high-risk asset and as such may be prone to extreme price volatility. Busha is still assessing its tokenomics and we may enable its trading soon.

  • What happened to the LUNA balance I had in my wallet before the attack?

    • Your previous LUNA balance was migrated to LUNC (LUNA Classic) as was announced by Terra.

  • When can I start trading the new LUNA 2.0?

    • Trading will be enabled for the new LUNA when we complete our research and this will be duly communicated to all our customers.

  • When will I get the planned LUNA Airdrop from Terra?

    • We have completed the first phase of the airdrop distribution based on the calculation logic from Terra. For the next phase, starting December 2022, monthly distributions will be done over a 24-month period (as proposed by Terra)

  • Which category do I fall into?

    • If you had any LUNA balance in your wallet as of 2:59 PM UTC on May 7th, 2022, this means you fall under the “Pre-attack” list. All LUNA holders as of 4:38 PM UTC on May 26th, 2022, fall under the “Post-attack” list.

Detailed Distribution Plan (First Phase)


Asset Holdings

Snapshot Timing

Holder Type

Assets Distributed

Distribution Formula



LUNA amount held before May 7, 2022

< 10k LUNC holders


X LUNC = (X * 1.034735071 * 0.3) LUNA



LUNA amount held after May 7, 2022

All holders


X LUNC = (X * 0.000015307927 * 0.3) LUNA

**X LUNC refers to the Old LUNA balance held pre and post attack.

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