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How To Set up Two-Factor Authentication
How To Set up Two-Factor Authentication
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We encourage all our customers to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on their Busha accounts as an extra layer of security to protect their assets.

Here is how to go about enabling 2FA on your account;

  • Install a 3rd party authenticator app (you can use Google Authenticator for Android or Apple),

  • Open your Busha app, Scroll down to security on the profile page, Click Two Factor Authentication,

  • Click Enable 2FA,

  • Enter the OTP sent to your registered email address

  • Copy the key code provided, Open your Authenticator App, Add a new account and paste the code given earlier provided.

  • Open your Busha app, Click Continue and Enter the 6 digit code generated by your authenticator app.

  • Once this is done, your account is protected.

N.B. You will only be able to perform certain transactions on your app with the code provided by your authenticator app.

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