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Verifying Your Documents
Verifying Your Documents
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In order to transact seamlessly on Busha, we require all our customers to verify on level 2 before they can withdraw. This step is to protect both the customer and the company from any form of fraudulent activity. The following steps below will guide you on how to verify your ID.

Level 2 Verification

(For this level, you will need either of these documents National ID Card, NIN Slip, International Passport, Drivers License or BVN Printout).

  • Upload your documents in the following order:

    • ID Only

    • A Selfie with the ID

    • A Selfie with the ID and a piece of paper showing 'Buying Crypto on Busha' with the date, your Busha username and Signature.

Level 3 Verification

(For this level, you will need either your Bank Statement or Utility Bill).

  • Open your app or (if you are using web),

  • Go to Level and Limits,

  • Click Upgrade to Level 3,

  • Click on either Bank Statement or Utility Bill (depending on the document you have),

  • Upload Document (Bank statements must be in PDF version and show transactions not less than 3 months old),

  • Submit and wait for verification.

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