To deposit in your Busha Naira Wallet, if you'd prefer to not use CashConnect and you don't want to place your own ad, you can interact with the ads placed by another user on Busha P2P.

Deposit following the steps below:

  1. Open the Busha app and select "Find Offers"

  2. A screen with ads will be displayed to you, scroll up and down to make a decision, and click "Buy" on any ad you decide to interact with

  3. Tap on "Continue".

  4. Input the NGN amount you'd like to deposit and select "Next"

5. Click on "Start Trade".

Please try to make payment within the seller's preferred time.

When you engage with an ad, you can see the trader's real name and bank details to help you process your transaction successfully. Ensure the name on the bank account matches the real name of the trader before paying or confirming payment.

6. Make Payment and click "Confirm" once you do.

10. Once the seller also confirms on the app that they have received payment, NGN is released from Busha escrow to your wallet.

It's that easy!

You can reach out to our Support Team over any issues arising from your trades by raising a dispute. We'd love to help.

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