To deposit in your Busha Naira Wallet, you can use our fast deposit feature on CashConnect (recommended), post your own Buy Naira Ad on Busha P2P for other users to interact with (discussed in this article), or interact with ads from other users.

To post a successful Buy ad for Naira, the following requirements must be met:

  • You must have at least a level 2 verification on Busha

  • You must create a unique username for easy identification

  • You must have active internet/mobile banking or an easy way to verify payments.

Deposit following the 7 steps below:

  1. Open the Busha app and select create an offer.

2. If it's not set to your preferred market, select the back arrow to go back, tap on the drop-down menu and Select Naira under "Change market"

3. Click on the More Button (...) in the top right corner, select "Create an offer" and then select "Buy Naira"

4. Set your preferred NGN /NGN exchange rate and select continue.

This rate is the rate you're willing to exchange 1 Naira for.

5. You have to set a minimum and maximum limit n the amount of Naira you want to sell.

6. Select the bank account where you'd like to receive payment. Confirm that you're allowing Busha to hold the maximum amount that you intend to sell.

7. Confirm

8. Post your sell Naira ad and wait for customers to interact with it!

It's that easy!

You can reach out to our Support Team over any issues arising from your deposits by raising a dispute. We'd love to help.

Happy Trading.

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