Your crypto has a fiat (Naira) value attached to it and this changes depending on market conditions. The amount of crypto you have bought however, remains unchanged regardless of market conditions. 

For instance 0.0005 BTC may be worth 1,500 NGN at the moment. When the market price goes up, its new value can now be 1,800 NGN even though what you still have is 0.0005 BTC. 

Now, when you're about to purchase cryptocurrency from Busha, the price displayed is our sell price i.e. the rate we're selling to you at that time based on market conditions. After you have purchased the crypto however, we now display our buy price i.e the rate we'll buy back the amount of cryptocurrency if you wish to sell it back immediately. 

So in essence, the amount of crypto you bought is still the same it's only the Naira that has changed just like with any currency exchange.

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