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Why does my portfolio balance go up or down?
Why does my portfolio balance go up or down?

Cryptocurrency price fluctuations

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Did you login to your Busha app to discover that the value of your crypto went up or down? Here's why:

When you buy/receive Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies from another wallet, the cryptocurrency has it's own value e.g. 0.5BTC, 0.05ETH, etc., as well as a corresponding value in fiat. 

This value is displayed (in Naira) in your portfolio balance. Cryptocurrencies are prone to price fluctuations now and again, this means the BTC/Naira value may go up or down. You may see that your portfolio has been adjusted to match that current price. You'll also notice that the original amount of crypto you bought/received remained unchanged, it's only the exchange equivalent that has been affected by this price fluctuation. 

So there's no need to panic the next time you see that your portfolio balance has changed. All you need to do is confirm that the amount of crypto you have is still the same as the last time.

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