Note that currently on Busha, you can only receive payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This guide will take you through accepting payments via the "Accept Payments" button on the bottom left corner of your dashboard.

  • First, click on "Accept Payments" and you should see something like this

  • Next, enter the amount you want to receive as payment in your local currency (Naira) and a payment link will be automatically generated. Note that this link will expire if payment isn't made within 30 minutes. If this happens, just repeat this process to get a fresh link. 

  • The link leads to a page that looks like this:

If you click on the Bitcoin option it will display the amount in BTC and a wallet address where the coin should be sent. Likewise if you click on Ethereum, the amount in ETH and a wallet address will also be displayed.

Easy right? We thought so too. If you would like to integrate the Busha Pay API directly to your website or app, click here to see how.

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