To buy cryptocurrency on the Busha platform, you need to have completed two tasks:

  • Verify your profile
  • Deposit fiat in your Busha wallet

You can buy cryptocurrency on Busha using:

  1. Instant buy or sell (easy, safe and fast)
  2. Busha peer-to-peer

To Buy Cryptocurrency:

  1. On the home page, click on the "Get Started" tab.
  2. Click "Trade" → Select Buy
  3. Select any of the digital currencies you would like to purchase.
  4. Select your payment method: either with local currency.
  5. Select the currency and amount you wish to purchase.
  6. Confirm details are correct on right-hand pane. 
  7. Click "Buy Instantly"

After your buy order has completed, you can go to "Wallets" for details of your transaction.

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