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What is phishing?
What is phishing?
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Phishing is a popular way for fraudsters and hackers to gain access to your personal information.
It is a style of online cyber attack that uses email, SMS text messages and even ads as a means to obtain sensitive information such as passwords.
There are means of identifying phishing scams. We will highlight some of them below:

  • Email Scam: When you hover above a hyperlink in an email, you will notice in the notification area below the page if the site address shown there is what you expect to see. Do not click on links that are "look-alikes" of the actual site.
    Always ensure that the sender of the email is from the official Busha support link.

  • Website Scam: Ensure that you are using the official Busha website link to login to your account. Scammers most often create very similar looking websites with minor differences such as a misspelling or "-" within the address.
    Busha will never ask for your 2-FA or passwords. If you receive any email requesting any sensitive information claiming it is from Busha, it is a scam. Do not give out your sensitive information.

  • SMS Texts: Busha does not send out SMS text messages to verify transactions. If you receive a message saying you have received digital currency that you did not authorise, it is most likely a scam. They also usually contain a link, do not click such links. 

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