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Why did I receive an unexpected device confirmation email?
Why did I receive an unexpected device confirmation email?
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Receiving a device confirmation email which you did not authorise signifies that another person has gotten access to your password and 2-factor authentication codes. If this happens, we suggest you follow the steps below immediately to  protect your Busha wallet:

Change Your Passwords

The first step would be to change your Busha account and your email account passwords. Ensure they are not the same as any other passwords you have used on other sites. Also ensure they are very strong with a mixture of characters, numbers and symbols.

Access Busha Directly

Use only the official Busha website link to access your wallet:

Enable 2FA

Ensure your 2 factor authentication is enable across platforms you use such as your email account(s). Disable services that allow your messages to be read online or through email.

Contact Us

We are a click away. Contact us and let us know your security concerns to guarantee you utmost safety.

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