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Is a wallet address safe to display publicly?
Is a wallet address safe to display publicly?
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A wallet address can be made public and displayed on platforms where you would like to make and accept payments. A case of theft cannot happen using only your wallet address. For a fraudulent theft transaction to happen on your account, they would have to have access to your Busha account directly or your private key. 

Public Address

Your public address is your wallet address. It can be displayed to people and be used as a means to receive payments. You can view all your wallet addresses on Busha on the "Wallets" tab. 

Private Key

Every wallet has a private key which acts as a password that is required before you can access it. This private key is required in order to be a to make transactions on a digital currency wallet.

Busha is highly security conscious and takes extra measures in ensuring that your wallet is safe and secure. We make use of passwords, device/account confirmation and 2 factor authentication to protect your wallet information and funds.


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