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How Do I Receive Cryptocurrency From Another Wallet?
How Do I Receive Cryptocurrency From Another Wallet?

Deposit crypto in your Busha wallet

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Receiving cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency available on our platform) is easy and safe to do.

You can receive cryptocurrency by providing the sender with the following:

  • Your cryptocurrency wallet receive address,

  • Your Busha username, or

  • Your QR code

Another way to receive cryptocurrency from another Busha account/wallet is for the sender to send the cryptocurrency using your registered email address or by using your Busha username. These transactions are instant and free. It also ensures your cryptocurrency is not sent to the wrong address.

Finding your receiving address or QR code

Click Wallets → Select the cryptocurrency you wish to receive 

Select "Receive". You can choose to use an old wallet address, create a new wallet address, use your QR code, or through your username. You have a lot of options with Busha. When receiving crypto from other Busha users, use your Busha username.

You can either have the sender scan the QR code or simply copy the address and send it to the sender. 

Note that you can only receive Ethereum (ETH) in your Ethereum wallet and you can only receive Bitcoin (BTC) in your Bitcoin wallet and so on. Any cryptocurrency sent to a wrong address will be lost permanently. 

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